The GFT Exchange

Get a new NFT digital collectible every 7 days

The GFT Exchange

The GFT Exchange

Get a new NFT digital collectible every 7 days

The GFT Exchange
The GFT Exchange
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We've created an easy way to create a wallet to collect NFT Digital Collectibles. You can keep them or transfer them to a friend. We'll be delivering more to your wallet in the future, from rewards to more NFT Digital Collectibles that can be traded and sold.

OK, but what does that mean?

It means that the assets are unique and can't be replaced with another one, even though that other one may look similar they are a a limited, one-of-a-kind, numbered digital asset. If you traded it for a different one, you'd have something completely different. Like a comic book or baseball card they may appear the same but each one is unique and collectible.

The assets are going to be different. Some contain images (like an individual JPG), some have video and audio and in the future NFT Digital Collectibles will work across all of your digital devices and mediums.

How do NFT Digital Collectibles work?

At a very high level, most NFTs are secured by a computer algorithm, a blockchain, which is a shared ledger or database. The blockchain stores extra information - metadata - that can be used to - among other things - prove legal ownership. GFTs are secured by the GFT Alliance blockchain.

What is a GFT?

A GFT is a special class of assets issued by the GFT Alliance, which has verified that NFT Digital Collectible originator is the legal holder of the intellectual property embodied in the NFT Digital Collectible. Meaning, the GFT logo is your assurance that the image, sound, or other content associated with the NFT Digital Collectibles originated with the true owner of the IP.

Why am I being asked to create a password?

We require a password to secure your wallet so your NFT Digital Collectibles are always secure.

What can I do with it?

Currently, you can 'GiFT' your NFT Digital Collectibles (like sending a "gift") to a friend. In the near future, you'll be able to trade them in a marketplace - kind of like an Ebay for digital collectibles. Some people will want to do stand up trades, some may want to buy the NFT Digital Collectible, it's totally up to the owner. We will notify you when trading has been enabled. For now, it's a collector?s item and the first of its kind. Are there more NFT Digital Collectibles?

NFT Digital Collectibles are constantly being released. Enjoy!

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